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Air Handlers

To keep your home cool and refreshing or warm and comfortable, your climate control system uses a variety of components. One of these is the air handler that takes the conditioned air and circulates it throughout your home. An efficient air handler creates a more efficient system.




• Up to 95% AFEU

• Communicating capability

• Fully modulating heat

• Up to 96.7% AFEU

• Variable-speed blower motor

• Two-stage heating

Secure year-round comfort with a high quality, forced-air heating system. Give us a call to schedule your furnace appointment.


Never wait to ensure your home is warm and comfortable. Emergency installation and services are available 24 hours a day from our licensed company with license # TACLA012650E.

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XC95m XV95 hyperionXL hyperionXR

Hyperion™ XR

Hyperion™ XL

• Unique modular cabinet design

• Communicating models available

• Variable-speed blower motor

•Unique modular cabinet design

•All-aluminum coil

•Ultra-quiet Vortica™ blower