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One of the most often overlooked responsibilities of a home is the heating system. In North Texas, the temperature is either very hot or reasonably warm, thus when cold temperatures arrive, they usually hit us by surprise. When your home is too hot or cold, your family can be miserable and extremely uncomfortable.  


Maintaining your home heating system in good working order does not only mean your family will be comfortable when it’s cold outside. A  heater working at optimal efficiency because of being well maintained will positively affect your electric consumption and thus your electric bill.

If your heater goes out, then you, as a homeowner, are now faced with a difficult decision: Repair or Replace? A straightforward minor repair may be all that is required. However, a new  furnace may be the only option.  


The home heating experts at R & R Air Conditioning Service are the right choice.  Their experienced technicians and staff are available to provide everything you might need, including detailed information, product comparisons, and professional service and installation.


When it comes to service, repair, and installation of heating systems, R & R Air Conditioning Service has the products and know-how to make every step in the process simple and transparent. All your questions and concerns will be addressed in one simple call.  We are proud to have served Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas for over 24 years.


Let our experienced professionals handle all your heating needs! Call (972) 264-0569.


Put your confidence in the skill, knowledge, and experience of a family owned and operated business with over 20 years behind us.

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